Facade panels – cembrit metro

Cembrit Metro facade panels

Made of fibre-cement material, machine coated with an opaque acrylic paint forming a smooth, even surface, owing to which facades made of Cembrit Metro facade panels are resistant to moss and algae, water stains and dirt.

Cembrit Metro fibre-cement facade panels perform perfectly well in everyday use, for many years.

The panels are available in formats:

1270mm x 2530mm
1270mm x 3070mm,
These are production formats which means that before the assembly, all four edges of the board may need to be cut by approximately 15mm.

1240mm x 2500mm
1240mm x 3040mm,
These are usable formats that already have factory-formatted edges.

Metro/Cover boards have a standard thickness of 8mm.

If a special order is made, Cembrit Metro facade panels can be painted with most colours of RAL or NCS system.


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cembrit metro

Available in 26 colors.

Other cembrit panels

cembrit true
Cembrit True
Cembrit Transparent

Based on the idea of dyeing cement in mass, early at the stage of the production process.

Available in 7 colors.

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cembrit fusion

Mass dyed panels, additionally covered with a semi opaque coat, subtly emphasizing the colour.

Available in 1 color.

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cembrit raw
Cembrit RAW
Cembrit Construction

fibre-cement panels are asbestos free and do not contain any other harmful ingredients.

Available in 1 color.

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cembrit cembonit
Cembrit Patina

Strong, fiber-cement façade panels that are self-colored with a brushed front side along its length.

Available in 11 colors.

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The boards above show random colors, the entire color palette available on the product page.



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