Minerit facade boards

Among Minerit fibre-cement boards are: Minerit HD facade boards, interior Minerit LW boards (for dry interiors) and Minerit SP (for wet interiors). Minerit boards consist of 70% cement and 30% cellulose fibre and mineral fillers.

All Minerit fibre-cement boards have the CE marking, which certifies their use in construction.

sample pictures


minerit hd

Finnish product made of clean and harmless materials. They consist of 70% cement and 30% various mineral fibres and fillers.

Available in 1 color.

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minerit sp

Covered on both sides with a hydro-insulation coat laid in the factory, with the result that they are water resistant and don't decompose in a wet environment even after a long time of use.

Available in 1 color.

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minerit lw

Solid, inflammable construction boards designed for covering the structure of walls and ceilings in the frame system. They are made of cement, fibre and mineral fillers, and don't contain any hazardous ingredients.

Available in 1 color.

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The boards above show random colors, the entire color palette available on the product page.

Facade panels


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