The Larson exterior cladding panels are perfect in the role of a modern, lightweight, and durable material for façade cladding. Their high resistance is due to the special construction as they consist of two layers of 0.5 mm thick aluminum filled with a low density polyethylene core (fire-retardant version) or with a mineral one (combustible version). Aluminum exterior cladding panels with a specifically modified composition of the core allow you to obtain façade cladding, which is fire-retardant and can be used wherever you need to use a panel with a FR marking.

Larson composite panels are used as material for ventilated façades of all kinds of buildings, both new and refurbished. Our aluminum cladding panels are also widely used as a cladding for attics, balconies, inserts between the windows, interior wall coverings, decorative advertising panels, information boards, signs and signposts, etc.

Specially designed aluminum substructures consist of consoles that enable the use of insulating materials of various thickness and allow the panels to be mounted in a way to make them invisible.

Consoles for Copal aluminum substructures provide lightness, rigidity, and strength for the entire exterior cladding system.

Aluminum façades of Larson composite panels guarantee a smooth surface of high stiffness, corrosion resistance, and weather resistance due to the use of a material with a relatively low weight. Thanks to the richness of colors and a high resistance to impacts and vandalism, a once constructed façade does not require any maintenance for many years.

Copal can offer you a comprehensive delivery of composite panels together with specialized processing of these panels into ready-to-mount claddings. The Larson aluminum composite panels with consoles for aluminum substructures are sold directly from warehouses in Trzcianka and Ożarów Mazowiecki.

Larson facade systems:

  • Invisible fixing system
  • Claddings with high resistance to weather conditions
  • Light, rigid and strong
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Suitable for many designs due to a wide range of colors and finish solutions
  • Easily cleaned

Thickness, mm – 4
Width, mm – 1250 or 1500
Length, mm – between 200 and 6000

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